Zola, the definition of that name is peaceful or quiet. The owner of this name is quiet, and kind 22 year old girl, but is troubled somewhat. Everyday she gets beaten by fellow classmates verbally and physically, and when she comes home there's nothing to come home to but an empty house and an empty fridge. Some days she'll be happy regardless, but others she'll just lie on the floor and do nothing, will want nothing to do with the world.

Just recently the abuse has gotten worse, they would get more violent and sometimes even teachers pitch in on their insults. They would throw things at her, mostly at her head, and she doesn't go to gym class anymore. She already has quite a few scars on her body, and she had to cut most of her hair extremely short so other girls wouldn't tug and pull it out.

One night a group of tweakers at her school forced her to stay after school, they wouldn't let her leave, and forced her into the bathroom to wait. Once everyone else was gone, they whipped out a needle. They said it was some kind of drug that they thought would give them superpowers, and was going to test it on her. It was black, thick, and looked like death. She could have sworn she saw it moving. She struggled, tried to get away, but her attempts were futile, and the needle ended up in her neck just under her jaw.

She could feel her face tingle, and get very warm. Hearing a loud buzzing noise in her head she thought her brain was getting eaten, and her whole body writhed in pain and agony. After a while the tweakers realized that their drug didn't work when they stabbed her and she didn't heal. So they just left, and locked the bathroom door leaving her to die.

Bleeding out on the floor, her face starts to feel pain. She hears someone with a deep voice, but doesn't know where it's coming from or what they're saying. "Get them off." Her eyes widened. "Get. Them. OFF!!!" She gets up, and looks in the mirror. She sees insects, hundreds of tiny, flesh eating insects all over her mouth, nose and jaw. She screams, panics. "GET THEM OFF!!!" the voice screams. She starts clawing at her face, tearing off bits of flesh to get the insects off. Her nails hard at work, screaming at the top of her lungs, the flesh of her face landing on the floor, along with the blood.

Scratching, clawing, tearing, ripping, by the time the feeling of the insects were finally gone, what's left of her mouth and jaw were a thin layer of flesh, and her nose is completely scratched off. She starts choking on her own blood, and she falls to the floor once again.

She looks at the bloody mess, and sees it moving, collecting together in a lump. It starts to take form, and looks like a mask. An old, grey, torn ragged mask. She slowly picks up the bloody mask, and turns it around. PUT ME ON it read. She thew the mask in fear.

"PUT IT ON ZOLA!!" The voice shrieks. She refuses, but the voice screams it over and over in her head. She caves, she grabs the mask, and slowly puts it close to her face. Then, the blood on the inside of the mask reaches forward and embeds its self onto her face. She screamed in agony, her blood mixing with the masks. She feels something inside her leave, she can feel her whole body go cold , and blacks out....

Upon awakening, she's in the bathroom, but she feels very different... she feels... happy. When she got up, she noticed that her movements were much lighter, and that her clothes are different. Instead of her usual jeans and bright and flowerful shirt and tennis shoes, she finds herself in a dress that has a cloak sewn on, and wearing boots instead of sneakers. She looks in the mirror and was very gleeful for some reason, her hair and skin were completely white, her eyes bright blood red. And that mask was on her face, and it had a ragged mouth with no lips, and what looks like nail marks all over. She didn't mind, instead she laughed, and laughed. "Your soul is gone Zola. Now, look at the door."

She turns to the locked door, only to find a giant hammer in her path. "Pick it up" She picks up the hammer, and noticed it had several spikes on one side and one big one on the other, and that it was very light. She swung the hammer and the door was replaced with a gaping hole. Revenge was on her mind, something that has never gone through her thoughts. She knows where those tweakers hang out at nights, and she's going to find them.

Nightmare Zola 4

Running, faster than any human she's seen run, she makes it to their spot near a bridge in no time. When she found them they were high as fuck, but she didn't care. She swung her hammer left and right, crushing their bodies with ease. She loved the sound of their bodies when they went splat. "Silence Is Virtue" the voice spoke. She laughed and repeated that line over and over. Once their screams have subsided, she turned them into pulp. Laughing more, the voice tells her to find the others who have treated her wrong. And that's exactly what she did.

On her last victim, the one that was the worst to her, she chuckled at her victims attempts to run with smashed legs. She stopped her and turned her around, raised her hammer, and simply spoke "Your silence, is my virtue..."