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The Queen

"I understand when people fall in love with the A-list celebs but Lisa Emmerson is barely on the D-list. Yeah she was in the show but people act like she's the star or something."

I said with a shrug, "This whole celebrity fan worship and stalking thing has just gotten horrible with the invention of Twitter. Do you see the things people tweet to that poor woman?"

"I'd just ignore it, ever since the incident with her and Henry she's stopped responding to tweets period, I don't think she even goes on there. She seems to liberal hippy to want to connect to the world that way." Jen said looking over at me, "You take all of this way too seriously."

"Maybe because I have to. Maybe because I know how dangerous it can get. Henry was the legit star of the show. I mean Lisa is talented and awesome and you know how I admire her, but isn't the point of admiring someone also respecting them? Letting them live their lives? Not demanding they answer inane tweets to you in a language that's not even native to them?" I replied. Jen was driving me back to my house. I lived alone, worked as a writer from there. Since I didn't own a car and the only place I could afford was miles from town, once a week she'd drive me to get the supplies I needed to survive.

We had just taken a trip to Walmart and I had stocked up on the essentials. It was a quick trip, I wanted to get back home to take care of the animals.

"Well I'm pretty sure they are completely harmless. The one girl you always complain about, who say demands things of her in Spanish or whatever. You think that girl's ever going to get close to her? I read an article just recently where she had to get three different orders of protection against three different rabid fans. I'm pretty sure she knows how to take care of herself." Jen said. Her small, red, station wagon turned the corner onto my street.

I loved living in Rantoul, for one, no one had ever fucking heard of it and it was a huge change from the city of Cleveland where I had been living before. It was quiet at night, actually quiet, not city quiet where there was always noise pollution. The worst I'd ever hear was a random howl echoing into the night sky. Jen said it wasn't unheard of for coyotes to get lost and some how stray past the borders of the town. According to her I lived right on the edge of it anyway, then it entered into farm country. As if I wasn't already in farm country. As a city girl, I had no way to tell.

"It's not completely harmless. You saw what happened to John Lennon, and wasn't there that one 80's star, Jessica something or other who a fan stalked her down and shot her in the stomach. If you ask me, all this idolization of celebrities needs to stop. They are just normal people and if you are a fan of them, then you should give them the space to live their lives as they choose, not jam a camera in their face and then act like you deserve their attention." I replied.

She pulled into my long gravel driveway with a wince. She hated it because her car was old and it wasn't helping the already damaged underside of her car to be driving on it all the time.

"The way you get so upset about this, I worry about you. Mostly because you live alone and you haven't let me spend the night since you got back from your photoshoot in LA two months ago. I already told you I don't care if your dog is sick, I have two and they puke all the time."

She said eying me oddly. She wasn't upset or suspicious, just annoyed. She used to spend the night all the time because she had a very annoying roommate who was overly Christian and didn't allow any movie watching on the main TV above a G rating so our favorite TV show Zebras was completely out of question.

"Don't worry about me. I showed you the article about how Lizzy Wilson went missing from the set there. They are shutting down production. As much as I worry about the Emmerson love bile, Lizzy has a cult to her name. Those people are nuts." I rolled my eyes and hopped out of the car and went to the back where we had placed my bags of stuff.

"Yeah, but they are all stupid teenage fan girls. Haven't talked to one that was above the age of seventeen, and their IQs all seem to be lower than that. Besides, cult fan clubs like that always fizzle out eventually." Jen loaded the rest of the bags into my arms. They were heavy, I had needed to get a lot of things, the animals were draining a lot of my supplies.

"You never know. LA is a massive cesspool of greed, corruption, and evil, which is why whenever I do a photo shoot out there I only stay as long as the contract requires. I don't even want my face to be out there like Lizzy's or Lisa's. Ugh. To have people recognize you on sight and then make demands or accusations? That must be hell. I'd rather my anonymity, my name be famous along with my words.

The last thing I need is people identifying me on the streets." I shifted the bags until I could get to my keys, which were in my pockets. "The massive adoration and the shrines on tumblr to actresses need to stop. It's sick."

"Well I honestly don't think you are going to be the one to stop it. If it makes you feel better to rant, I'll always be here." Jen smiled at me and headed back to the car, she left it running just in case. The howls at night scared her too and currently the only light was coming down from the brightly glowing full moon above.

"Alright. I'll text you later or something. We can have a Zebras marathon." I laughed and then headed towards the front door of my small two story house. I loved it because it had a massive basement, far larger than what the house was now, it was great for storing all the unwanted objects I had acquired through my travels to photo shoots all over the world.

Once I was inside I dropped the bags that I could, but of course my two dogs came running to greet me. Out of the animals I love, dogs would have to be at the top of my list. I made sure to keep the bags with the food in them well out of their reach. I had switched them to a raw food diet, it was more healthy, and I had tons of raw meat in two of the bags.

I flicked on the lights and headed into the kitchen, setting the bag with the food stuffs on it on the counter. The space was cramped, just enough room for a four burner electric stove that was straight from the 1950's, a similar fridge, and a sink. Only three cabinets and a small counter top space.

In the corner there was just enough room for a breakfast table and two chairs. Seeing as how I dined alone now, at least when it came to human companions, it wasn't a huge deal.

Buddy and Zip were my dogs. Rottweilers or "rotties". Always loved big dogs. The old moniker with them was true. Their bark was far worse than their bite, unless you were trespassing on my property. I spoke from experience when I talked about how those fans could get dangerous. I had a few stalkers of my own in the past. I wasn't close to being famous, but when I did get attention it always seemed to be the wrong kind.

There was a low rumbling and then rattling from the basement. I sighed. I swear if the water heater was on the fritz again I was going to throw a fit. That thing never seemed to want to work. I had just paid to get some electric lines rewired, one of the animals in the basement had chewed through them. That problem had been exterminated quickly though.

I grabbed the keys to the basement door, it was always better to lock it for the protection of my dogs. They'd go down there and antagonize the animals that did manage to get trapped and end up getting hurt. I loved Buddy and Zip, I wouldn't want to risk that again.

I turned on the light at the top of the steps and heard the usual horrible screeching. Those horrible parasites never knew when to give up. I guess I'd be exterminating the queen in the morning, the rest would follow, they couldn't survive without their queen. I rounded the corner and pulled on the single light hanging from above.

There I saw the queen, though she was in dire straights and clearly struggling for life, she had found a metal rod and was using her claws to clutch it and bang on the water heater. To what end, I have no idea. She said her name was Lizzy they all said that was her name. I knew better. She was the queen of an army of parasitic little leeches all around the country.

I had isolated her, and now it was high time she was exterminated. Queens like her had a nasty way of spreading disease and mental illness. Maybe I wouldn't be the one to stop the horrible cult mentality that surrounded every damn fandom I seemed to join, but what better way to start than taking out a few queens?

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