Human heart

The heart.

You always wanted to know what it was like being a monster, right? Well, I'll tell you for a small price, which we can discuss later. Since you are reading this, you cannot exit or you will die. Okay, this is what it is like.

Are you always happy? I'm not. Do you love your life and never want to leave? I don't. It is until now that you realize that being a vampire isn't all it's cracked up to be.

You. That is what you are. Vampires are nothing more than humans, except for the fact that we have better senses. You will never get it. You are blind, you are deaf, you can't feel anything. You can only smell and have reflexes to that.

Love, it's what you have inside of you. If you were like us you wouldn't have it. I hate. We hate. You love and hate. Humans have it better off.

It. That's what they call us. To see your results on this to see what monster you are, read the first word of every paragraph.