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So I am a big fan of Sims 3, every time I have ever made an account it has always been normal and fun, this is one time it wasn't. One day, I decided to make a new family in my Sim 3 game, I made a husband, a wife, and two sons. After I moved in my Sims I decorated their house to be perfect and made them have good skills and careers.

Then, one day while the mother was at the park I saw a freaky looking man with overalls on and a disfigured face, his nose was really long and wide, his eyes were curved to look angry, and his mouth curved down in a ghost-like frown, this really creeped me out, I put my mouse over his body to see what his name was and it was "Your Friend."

I laughed a little thinking it was just a joke, things kinda like this have happened in the game like a Sim sounding like they're saying "Your mine." but I have always laughed about how little it was. I was wrong about this one... I drove my Sim home since I was still a little weirded out by it. When she got home I noticed that the creepy Sim was following her. I made my Sim go inside and then I locked all the doors in the house, all of the rest of the day and night the creepy Sim stayed outside almost like he was waiting.

When he finally left, I went outside and took my Sim wife and her two sons to the park. When I got there I saw the creepy Sim again, he walked up to me and continued to follow me again, it was weird cause he never tried to talk to me like Sims do when they follow you, he just followed me. For the next two days every time my wife Sim went out this creepy Sim followed her everywhere, he never followed the husband or either of the two sons, only her.

I couldn't call the police in the game since they only help if there is a burglar so I was on my own, I didn't want to delete the account since I thought it would just be a glitch that would go away.

Finally, I tried to talk to this creepy Sim to see if there was any way I could stop him from following me, the second I talked to him my hunger went straight to zero and my Sim fell to the ground dead, the creepy Sim just walked away while normal Sims start to cry.

Although being upset about my Sims death I thought this would be the end to the creepy Sims stalking and continued playing the game. That same night, the husband Sim got asked to work overtime so I said yes, when I got home I was totally shocked and caught off guard, the whole house was covered In huge fire flames and I could hear the two sons scream loud inside, I was so shocked since house fires in Sims never can get that big and when fires in your house start you get notified, while my Sim frantically tried to put out the flames I saw the creepy Sim standing next to the road just watching with the same freaky expression.

When the firefighters got there and put out the flames, all the house was burnt and the two sons were dead, I was so upset that I was ready to delete this account, just before I did I decided I was going to find out where this creepy Sim lived so I could kill him by lighting his house on fire.

When I finally tracked down where he was I was shocked, he lived up in the high mountains in a rotting old looking house, it looked like there was brown stains all over the aged brownish green walls of the house and the ground was covered in black piles of ashes, I rang on the doorbell, after a few moments a little notification appeared, it was the creepy guys face with a bubble next to it saying "Leave right now!" I rang the doorbell again and this time it said "I would leave if I were you."

Finally, after the third or fourth time he answered the door, his overalls covered in blood, when I got ready to light the house on fire I noticed the creepy Sim smiling, ignoring it best I could, I continued with making the oven set on fire, once it did I started running out of the house when I realized that the creepy Sim had left the house and some how locked me in, since Sims 3 doesn't let you log off when there is a house fire I was forced to watch my last Sim die while the creepy Sim watched from outside.

I have never been so scared of Sims in my life and I am still scared to make another account on my game fearing it may happen again. If you ever make an account in Sims and there is a person named "Your friend." Delete your account or at least record the things that the Sim does, cause I wish I had seeing as nobody believes that what I have said is true.

If you have any experience with the Sim "Your Friend", PLEASE contact me. I want to know how to get rid of him or prevent him from harming my future Sims. I still want to play the game but not if "Your Friend" could still harm my Sims.

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