The town felt abandoned. Once loved and cherished by members of society, now a dead, decaying wasteland. The only building left standing was an isolated castle, on top of a small hill at the edge of the town. The cold stone that brushed against my sides as I made my way through the ruins sent shivers up my spine, causing goose bumps all over. I could smell the storm steadily approaching this foreboding town. The only way to stay dry was to make my way up to the damp, lonely castle.

The memories from the past civilizations were nearly forgotten, as only the wind could be heard whistling in between cracks and crevices. Doors squeaking, floorboards creaking as I made my way deeper into what seemed like an endless way of tunnels. The smell of dust overtook my nostrils, causing me to wheeze and cough with every step I took. This inhalation caused bile to rise in my throat, all the while going deeper, maybe too deep to ever return.

A strange silhouette led me further into this ---- place. Its somewhat human presence lead me to follow. It comforted my uneasiness about this strange dwelling, but as it led me further, I couldn’t help but worry whether I’d make it out at all.

I got a closer look at the silhouette. It showed the face of a man, and a pale one at that. The strange man looked at me as if I was a child. Sorrow and pity was found as I searched the dark crevasses that were his eyes. I stared for as long as I could, but found nothing more. He gestured to a door, rough old oak I guessed. I heard the thunder from the passing storm outside, and I wondered if this man would be my way out, or my reason never to return.

 The creak of floorboards made an insidious sound, one that stood all my senses on end. I searched the room for some answers, and was horrified by my discovery. Stacks of bodies, in every position possible, stained the room red. The scene was one from a nightmare, the bodies even hanging from the roof. Suddenly, I felt a sharp jab in my neck. My whole body ruptured in tremors, and I fell to the floor gagging. He cackled. A sound only true evil could provoke.

Gasping, mouth frothing, eyes rolling, my very last resort was to scream. Scream for the help that would never come. Scream for forgiveness from whatever evil spirit bestowed this upon me. Scream. I sank back, exhausted. I was his next victim. I stared into his eyes. Dark pits of emptiness.

At last, he whispered, “Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing.”