An old friend.

You don't remember me? We used to play so much when you were younger. I was never allowed inside, but such adventures we'd have! How can you not remember?

Why wasn't I ever allowed inside, by the way? You never gave me a reason. I noticed you seemed stressed recently. See? I notice you, even if you don't do the same to me.

I cleaned up your schedule so you'd be less stressed. You have so much less to worry about. So many less people who will call and take up all of your precious time with all their stupid worries.

Now we can spend time together again! Just like we used to!

But can I come in now? I've wanted to see your bedroom from the inside for a long time. I'll be allowed in now, right? Of course I will. Because we're such good friends, and friends go everywhere together.

I'm with you almost all the time. Or as close as I can be. Nobody will let me inside but whenever I could look in, I watched you. Because I missed you and I remembered the adventures, oh, the adventures!

Do you remember the deer? I do. Of course you don't. You don't remember anything. I guess it doesn't matter. But it was so fun! I'm sure you'll remember someday. You seemed so happy, sitting with me, listening to it panting, as we laughed louder and louder, and by the time we stopped, we couldn't hear the panting anymore, so we went back to your house. You went back inside and left me outside.

I'll admit, that made me a little mad. After all the fun we had just had? Leaving me outside, to watch you and your family be so happy as if they hadn't left a friend behind? But it's no matter. You'd come out and play the next day.

I've missed you. I'm glad we can see each other again. We have a lifetime to make new memories, even if you can't remember the old one. Because we can stay together forever, now. Because there's no one else. And you've finally let me in. Wake up, I'm finally in!