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I swear I'm not watching you sleep. But you're always afraid of me. I've been screamed at before. Been shot at, even stabbed a few times.

My first thought is always, You ungrateful human.

Then I remember. You can't remember. I made sure of that. This time was worse than most.

When you sleep, your mind... wanders, across planes, dimensions, and worlds. I'm a... bodyguard, of sorts. I wander with you, and I protect you. It's why you're still alive.

When you wake up, and see my blue eyes in the dark, it's not me you should fear. You should fear the reason I woke you up. You're safe now.

And another thing. When I leave, you stay awake all night, fearing for your mortality. There's no point. Go back to sleep. You'll be fine until tomorrow, and then I'll be there to protect you. If I stay, you should be worried.

I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not going to kill you. If I can't save your life, I'll save your soul.

I know you're just a human.

But if you keep acting like a pathetic mortal, I will leave you.

I'd like to see you handle them on your own.

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