It's 3:43 in the morning.

My little sister wakes me up. I can see her pale face. I open my eyes and rub them.

"What do you want?"

"Can you go with me to the kitchen?"

"Of course."

We walk to the kitchen. I bump into things as I'm walking through the pitch black hallway. I begin to whisper to my sister making sure I don't wake anyone up in the house.

"Hurry up, turn on the light." She never does. She won't turn on the lights from the kitchen, I'm just standing still like a tree engulfed in darkness as I wait for the next noise. I hear a youthful laugh from my sister; I'm still waiting for her to turn on the lights. I can't see anything, not a single thing in this darkness, no, more like this void.

I'm thinking about my day as I'm trying to distract myself from this situation. I begin to think of what went on throughout the day.

-I brushed my teeth.

-Talked to my friend.

-Took a bath.

-My mom went to buy groceries.

-My sister went to sleepover at her friend's house.


Wait. That's right; my sister went to her friend's house... My heart stops almost immediately after I realize this. I begin to hear more giggles coming closer to me. I don't dare move; I just stand there, paralyzed. The atmosphere immediately shifts. Through the darkness, I see a pale, grotesque face staring right at me, upset like its plan had failed. It said to me with a little youthful girl's voice:

"You just had to remember."