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A show about four children with mystical powers, and a talking dragon going to fight multiple enemies for mystical items and the world's safety. Not the most realistic thing ever, so here is my theory.

It is all Jack Spicer’s imagination, caused by multiple mental disorders he had that progressed over the years. Jack is an albino child with bright red hair, so he doesn’t even fit into the albino standard, thus earning ridicule from those around him. Jack grew up practically friendless, except for one person who he met while he was in 6th grade, the other being in 7th.

Have you guessed who? If you said Chase Young you were right. Chase Young, in the show, is a 1518-1520 year old man, frozen at his late teens or early twenties. He is powerful and can turn into a dragon, he was also good before turned evil by Hannibal Roy Bean, a character we will get to later.

In real life though, Chase was a loner in middle school for his strange looks and dark attitude caused by terrible family life. With his strange eyes, ears, and dark green hair he was also out casted. They met through a fight, in which Jack was getting hit and Chase used the skills he had to defend Jack, even though he never used them to defend himself. They became close friends after that, until a terrible accident of Chase’s senior year in high school.

This is why Jack looked up to Chase as his “Evil Hero” in his imagination, because he did so in real life for everything Chase was. He didn’t know about Chase’s background until after everyone else did, but he always looked strong in his eyes. The one episode where he captures Chase was actually just him finally winning in video games against him, and proceeding to mock him until Chase beat him the next day.

Hannibal Roy Bean is mainly two different characters. He is both Jack and Chase’s fathers.

He also represents all of the bullies that tormented them both.

Chase’s father hated him because of his strange physical defects. Everyone else in Chase’s family, his mother, older brother and sister, and younger sister, were all beautiful. Perfect specimens, while Chase was odd and strange looking, even if he was still extremely attractive to people, he wasn’t good enough for his father, and was showed by multiple beatings and insults from his father and older sister how true they thought it was. He covered them up well, since most of them were on his neck, face, and torso, he was able to cover them very easily. He resorted to cutting at a point, until he met Jack. It slowly stopped after that, even if the beatings continued.

In Jack’s imagination though, Hannibal turned Chase evil, which is somewhat true since it’s because of Hannibal that Chase has his dark personality. In Chase’s senior year, a mere week before he would graduate, Hannibal, in a particularly cruel mood, hit him with his car while he was taking out the garbage. He got arrested for Child Abuse, Murder, Child Neglect, and many other charges. In Jack’s mind Chase lived on, just like Jack thought he did because of his Schizophrenia. In the end of Chase’s story he threw Hannibal into the Ying Yang world, or prison in real life, finally letting him get what he deserved.

As for Jack’s father, he was never there until later on in Jack’s life, just as Hannibal didn’t appear until later. Jack’s father, while not as severely, also hates Jack for how he ended up looking. He despises the son he never wanted and thus is never home, leaving Jack the money to do what he wants.

Hannibal who appeared later in the series almost constantly insulted Jack, just as his father did, he also forced him to do what he wanted and used him in many ways. His father did the same, insulting him, and using him for many terrible things. The reason Jack is so nervous about unwanted touch is because of his father, who though he hated Jack, didn’t mean he wasn’t still able sexually.

Yes. I do mean he raped Jack on a weekly Basis.

Jack bots are not fictional. They are real things Jack made, just as all of his robot creations are. The Jack bots were created so he could have friends all the time, the cheer leaders were made to give him something he never had. Before Chase and after his death they were Jack’s only friends, even during his friendship with Chase they still remained close to him. Though they were never as “armed” as the ones he created in his mind, they were still robots and works of genius. The only got destroyed because of malfunctions.

Wuya was Jack’s mother, which is why she was a ghost in the beginning of the show. She had nested her dead spirit in Jack’s mind, and after his sixteenth birthday she finally revealed herself. Jack never believed it was his mother though, since his mother was always home taking care of him.

Jack had created two versions of his mother. The one he lived with, nice, caring, sweet, and Wuya, the one who hated his existence and only wanted to use him. Both of these were in his mother who had died when he was eight from alcohol poisoning. The sweet mother was who she normally was, when she was sober. Wuya was Jack's mother while she was drunk, angry, mean, rude, and in the end, dead. Jack never thought Wuya might be the other part of his mother, in his mind his mother had gone to rehab, not died, and was all better, always nice.

This is what happened to Jack in the minor times of his schizophrenia.

The things that happened later were all when it went full force, sending him completely into another world where he was an evil boy genius instead of a tech Goth.

First, I would like to explain Dashi and Guan’s parts in this, since I will not be able to really put it anywhere else.

Dashi and Guan were not part of Jack’s life physically, but they were through Chase. Dashi was Chase’s first friend, a child who didn’t care about looks, only personality. They became close, but Dashi developed Leukemia in third grade. He died a year after, leaving Chase to battle alone until he met Guan, another boy similar to Dashi but bigger. Guan though, became popular and a jock in elementary school and so forth, leaving Chase alone until later when he met Jack.

Now for the world Jack’s mind created and sent him to. It was after his father went bankrupt, he ran away leaving Jack to the world. The world decided he was insane and threw him into an insane asylum where he created the world he now lives in.

Raimundo was a typical bully, arrogant, obnoxious, a jerk, but he would never truly try to hurt you, he was just taking teasing too far. Jack created Raimundo as the perfect mix, and just as they did in the real world, he was mean and a bit cruel.

Kimiko was the typical popular girl, pretty, fashionable (though sometimes it was just weird) rich, and smart. The added technology genius was Jack’s own decision, wanting her to be as desirable to him as possible, since those girls always were to him. Just like the other girls she rejected him and insulted him, but she still wasn’t out to hurt him.

Clay was the nice boy, the one who, if Jack hadn’t been evil, would have been nice and pleasant to him. Friends, most likely not, but Clay wouldn’t have ever hated him or insulted him without good reason to, just like some of the well mannered children he had met.

Omi was purely Jack’s imagination, a strange orphan that even though fought Jack and hated his evil, liked him and wanted him to be a friend. Jack created him so for once he would be the one to deny someone friendship, not the other way around. It worked, somewhat, but Jack still faltered and wanted to accept the offer.

Jack made them the good guys because it was the side everyone was typically suppose to love and support, unlike evil. He became the main villain for a time, competing for shen gon wu. The wu represented nothing in particular, it was added to help the world be as far from reality as Jack needed it to be, as was Dojo. Dojo was named after a snake Jack had had when he was a child, but other than that he’s also made up.

Ashley was another typical popular girl, but as Kimiko is good, Ashley is evil, the one that wants to make you cry in front of the whole school. Based on the more popular much sluttier girls, Jack created her as something of a rival for the main minor villain.

Megan was really Jack’s cousin, but she was older than him. She acted like a child and thus was made one as to excuse her bratty behavior. She grew up and became the only one to visit Jack, she played along with his world trying to comfort him. She left crying every time knowing how hopeless it was for him to come back.

When Chase entered the world, saving Jack from falling just as he had saved him from getting beaten up, he was not all that nice to him. Jack didn’t do this on purpose, but because of what he had made himself think of Chase, and his knowledge of Chase’s personality, especially with it turned super evil, this is how he knew Chase would have acted, maybe a bit worse but still fairly close.

Wuya was a ghost at first because as said, she is the alcoholic side of her mother. When she turns human she is stuck up and seems to take on a new identity all its own, another reason Jack never realized she was just part of his mother.

Anybody else was made to support the world he had created, the one he now lived in and needed to survive. The people he created began to grow more and more, getting families or friends, except Omi who instead got the temple and his stranger personality. The characters based on his real life such as Chase, Wuya, and Hannibal never gained anything or had stories told because Jack already knew their stories, even if he didn’t understand it, and even if they didn’t fit this world.

In this world he was beaten physically but he never wanted to give up, his outsides could heal. It was the real cruel world with abandonment and true evil filling its veins that Jack couldn’t take, that he denied as much as he could.

And this is my theory of Xiaolin Showdown.

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