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I am broken. But you glue my parts together. I am dull. But you sharpen me. I am weak. But you give me strength. I am not a person. But you make me human.

I know you love me now, but will you if the monster I've been is the monster I am? I am not a child of God. I am not a spawn of Satan. I am nothing. But would you love me if you knew that? Would you love me if you knew that I didn't love anything else but you. There is no easy answer. There never will be.

I kill. I have been killed. I have died many times. I haven't a chance to live just yet. But you let me. You force me to live. To try, and I thank you. I have emotions now, emotions I haven't had for a while. You give me an opportunity to love. To be loved. I struggle to do this, but it is managed. I cannot die. Not now...

I am the wind that flows though the open air. I am the blood flowing through your veins. I am the skin that sits neatly above your bones and muscle. I am nothing. I am you.

Would you still love me if you knew this? Would you still care? There is no easy answer. There never will be...

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