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Woody toy

I do not own this picture. The location of the picture was found at

This story is 100% true. I am not responsible for any loss of sales in this product, or any ruining of this product.

When I was about four, my mom had bought a Woody toy from the movie Toy Story. It had a battery pack, a removable hat, and whenever you pushed the buttons on his shirt, he would say a random Woody phrase like in the movie. I am not exactly sure where she bought it, but I swear that those guys are trying to scare children. I played with that toy for years until I hit the age of eight or nine. I had all of my old toys on my bunkbed and rarely touched them. One night, my parents and brothers were asleep, and I was trying to get to sleep. I was about to nod off, but then I heard a very clear "Howdy Partner!". I got so scared that I hid under my blanket. A few months later, the toy repeated that, and I got extremely mad, picked it up, and threw it into the closet. When I was nine or ten, I invited my friends over to a sleepover. Please don't nag me about that because I was little. We were all joking before heading off to sleep, when we heard a muffled "There's a snake in my boot!". My friends burst out laughing and I nervously laughed with them and told them the story of Scary Woody. This was a joke for a while, but another time when we had a sleepover, Woody kept repeating phrases. I took him out of the closet and carefully placed him on my bunkbed, where he wouldn't make a noise. Woody then clearly said two things: "Howdy Partner!" and "Yeeeehawww Cowboy!". I was scarred for life, and had to get rid of the thing. I threw it into the hall closet, and years later took it out and used it to prank my brother. After that, my mom threw it away. Go ahead laugh while you can, but if you find a Woody doll covered in rotting food saying phrases without being touched, don't complain to me! Actually I take that back. Feel free to complain to me. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture a picture of the evil toy with my camera because the toy was gone long before I found this site, but I swear it's true. I tried to find the closest toy picture to what I had but none are very similar. I do not own the photo shown but I found it at The only differences is that my doll was a ragdoll and did not have a string activated voicebox. The voicebox was connected to the doll's shirt buttons, and activated when you pressed them.

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