This is a page about a special ritual. This ritual is not intended for the faint of heart. If you do not follow the instructions carefully, your luckiest outcome is death. You must follow this guide. I would even suggest going step by step with this in hand.

Have you ever wanted to talk to the evil dead? I'm not talking about your average criminal or crook. I'm talking about a different, more disgusting evil than is unimaginable. Maybe you have always wanted to ask Jeffrey Dahmer why he killed so many? Your fascination with John Gacy may be too much to quell easily. Maybe you're like me.

Here's what you need to do. First, do not go to sleep tonight. Instead, wait until 11:30, and then immediately go downstairs. You must then draw a pentagram out of your own blood, on the wall. Do not draw an inverted pentagram, or you risk being taken by Satan or some other despicable entity to hell. Draw a wiccan pentagram out of blood, and then say, "O nequam venire ad me. Dimitte me mali quod reconcilietur rexerat ante." Then shout the name of the killer you wish to summon.

Drain more blood into a bowl and set it on your porch. At this point, go back inside and wait upstairs, out of sight. When you hear the front door open, you must draw a magic circle on the floor and say, "Protege me a tenebris unum." Then sit inside the circle and wait for him to come. The killer will be horrific. His evil soul will be visible after death as it really was, not as he looked in life. It may be best to close your eyes and not see the horror.

You will be free to ask him any questions you like until 4 AM, but do not leave the circle until exactly 4 AM.

At 4 AM, he will depart suddenly, just vanishing instantly. You will then have satisfied your cravings.

Be forewarned, the killer you summoned may return again for the next three nights at 12 AM, and you may have to sleep inside the circle as he whispers the most sadistic things ever into your ear. You may be permanently scarred by what he tells you. If unlucky enough, you may turn into what they were. After all, evil doesn't just start somewhere. It is influenced by something else, or someone else.