He sat across from me, smiling in that same way as he has been.

I woke up here about... I can't even tell how long it has been now. I woke up in this chair with him sitting directly across from me, smiling...

Every time I try to move, my body will not let me. I'm surprised I can still breathe.

"He"... I'm not sure who "He" is... or what. He will not move, not even blink. He just sits there, with that wicked smile and his eyes wide open, as empty as the void.

"Welcome," he finally says in a slow dark voice. It is almost painful to listen to. I try to open my mouth but nothing comes out.

"Don't even try," he says in that dark voice again. "I've been waiting for you for a long time now... I have to say that I've missed you and your screaming. It was quite hard to track you down." He finally stands up in a slow, intimidating move.

I tried to open my mouth again, but nothing...

He walked over to me and slowly began touching my face.

"Such a pretty face. How could I have ever let you get away from me?" he said as he touched my face. It was agonizing. I wanted to scream.

"Remember when you escaped from this place?"

He chuckled slightly.

"That was foolish. You should have known you cannot escape from your mind."

"You made us who we are. We will be with you forever and ever."

He smiled real big and looked into my eyes. At that exact moment, I could feel all the life drain out of me.

"Welcome back," he said darkly.