Have you ever wondered why dogs bark at you? Most of you would think, "They don't know you yet," or "You did something to them," right? Wrong.

They're not barking at you, they're barking at what they see behind you, or infront of you, or beside you. Maybe even above you. By the time you're around them more, they get used to seeing it. But you'd think they got used to you. No.

They are so used to seeing that tall, winged, skinny, pale creature, it's all they see after awhile. The creatures main target is animals, such as dogs or cats. It stays by humans because that's the one thing the animal sees everyday. But humans aren't safe either. The creature is easily angered, so if the dog barks or attacks it, the creature hurts the human. That's also why dogs and cats attack you, because they're scared.

You may ask why I know all of this, right? I can see things others can't, such as this creature. I can see where they are at every moment, anywhere... and, I can tell that there is one beside you, watching you, breathing on your neck, rubbing its boney fingers through your delicate hair. Don't bother looking around for it, you won't find it.

You'll just have to learn to live with it.