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Hello, I am posting this story because of what just happened 3 days ago, in which today is March 28th, 2012.

As some of you know, Edd Gould (Who was the leader of Eddsworld) passed away on March 25th, which left me in tears. Think me silly, but I cried due to two reasons.

One reason is that he meant a lot, not that I know him or anything, but he just some how meant a lot. The second reason is that I knew this would happen...

Some of you Eddsworld fans (Including me) saw Edd's "Halloween Special" on YouTube. Well, during the video, three of the Eddsworld guys get killed, but one of them gets injured, in the following order:

Edd, who was first, got half his head chopped off, exposing his brain (Probably died of "brain" cancer..?)

Tom, who was the second (Probably will get stabbed)

Matt, who got injured (Injured by stairs..?)

Tord, who was the third (Got stabbed/murdered)

And finally, Matt, who dies from some sort of heart attack.

Coincidence? Tell me what you think. I may just be going crazy.

1 down, 3 more to go..

Written by Mario1999562
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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