I am one of those people that think about the most awful scenarios that could happen at any time, whether it is at a restaurant or at a movie theater. You know, like a man walks in with a gun, or a man comes towards me and kidnaps me. Yeah, yeah, I am abnormal, but think about it.

How many times have you walked by a person and made eye contact with them, but not kind and flirty, more like, eerie and unnerving? Like they were looking at you before you saw them. Or they stared at you a little too hard. I mean, what if this person had been a serial killer? Apparently, you walk by a psychopath at least once each day.

What if when you felt like you were being watched, you were? By a person who has been searching for the right one for a long time. The one person who wishes to hold the fate of your life in their hands. The uncontrollable lust to kill. Just think about that. And, what if instead of a person wanting you, you walk by a person that already has someone. Some little girl, crying all alone in the basement, having to worry about when the bad man is going to return, the one you just walked by. The one who looks a little too calm and happy. Maybe, just maybe, you know one or could be best friends with a psycho.

You claim to know everything about each other, but, do you really? You aren't with them constantly. You have to close your eyes sometimes. That is one of the reasons I can't deal with sleepovers. Most think "Oh, they will draw on me!" but what I think is that they are recording me. Just watching me as I stir in my sleep. I can't be the only one. Anyway, chances are that you know an insane person, or a perfectly sane person with a killer habit.

Or that you have seen or perhaps read something from someone who could be watching you, right now.