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Who am I again? I keep forgetting your name. I keep forgetting my name. What was it again? You told me I have no long-term memory, you said I have something messed up with my brain.

Your name... started with a J right? Jeffrey? Josh? Joseph? I keep forgetting.

You also said they need to keep me in this room until I become stable. Why is that? Did I do something wrong?

I don't know why, but I feel as if I'm dirty. Covered in something. Maybe some water I spilled got on me? No, water isn't red. Maybe some strawberry soda? But then it would be sticky. What else is red? Ah! Blood is! Yes, I remember! I'm covered in blood!

Though, I can't seem to remember what this place is again. I know they keep the door locked at all times, to keep me from getting out. There's a little window connecting to the hallway so you and the doctors can come and check on me every once in a while.

The nurses come in and give me food. The doctors had came in at one point and put a jacket on me. They said it will keep me warm. It's not a very comfortable jacket, since it won't give me much movement. They take it off when I need to go to sleep, and once in a while they give me something called Sedv-? Sede?

Sedatives! I think that's what there called. They told me it's like sleeping pills, so I can sleep easier.

I have a mirror inside my room. I have to look in it every time I lose my memory. I see my hair also has blood in it. My hair is a lime green color, and cut short. On the top of my head you'll see a stick of hair, sticking up, never laying down. This isn't natural for the other people I've seen, so I assume I must have dyed it or something.

My eyes are this honey-yellow color. It also isn't very normal for other people. I have a birthmark that looks like a star on my right cheek, and one that looks like a heart on my left cheek. You have lime green hair, also not normal from other people. And you too have the same birthmarks on your cheeks.

The doctors never let me play with other children. They said we might get hurt. I doubt that though. I think they think I might hurt them. You told me it's happened in the past. Is it true? Do I really hurt people?

I haven't seen mommy and daddy in a while now. Nor have I seen sissy or brother. They all have a normal hair and normal eye color, so I stood out. I felt a little jealous, to say the least. I remember the last time I saw them it was my thirteenth birthday. I was about to blow out the candles when I just felt... mad. For no reason too! Before I blew out the last candle, brother turned out the light. I think you were there, but I think you weren't. Only one candle was lit, and then I turned around and tried to see my mommy and daddy. Both were smiling and proud of me. I remember when I turned around, I spotted the knife. I took one look at that big knife, before picking it up, and slowly turning around. The last candle was still lit. I only remember I did something to them...

Oh yeah! I remember everything now! I killed my family, but I spared your life, Jayren! Yes, your name is Jayren Physics, and your my best friend in the whole world! I gave you a long cut on your arm, and the scar is still visible. You took me to a mental hospital and kept me locked up in there, though I forgive you. The trauma of the event sent my brain in a never ending loop of forgetfulness! I've killed 7 people already, not including my family. I'm not yet insane, but very close. My nickname, and I want you to call me this, is Forget; or Forget Me Not, you decide. But my real name is...

Wait, who am I again?

Written by SomethingTellsMe
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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