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“ահօ'ร lﻪսցհﻨռց ռօա?” The mark it leaves after each victim with the victim blood, dripping on the wall. Leaving the poor soul with face torn and rotting in their own home. Police and detectives are baffled at this case. No fingerprints; no sign of forced entry the classic struggle for an average, community paid worker. No they are far more skilled at this. It seems as if this is another unsolved mystery. 

Elsie had the mindset that everything was peaches and cream. New school, new age means new Elsie! She just turned the wonderful age of 12 so she knew that she was a woman. A happy, super happy, woman. She was sure that she’d get lots of friends, which would be a serious first for her. But all she can do now is hope.

“Good morning class!” the teacher waited for everyone to get settled in and seated as he stood at the front of the room with Elsie. "Even though it’s the middle of the year, I’d like to welcome Miss Elsie. She’ll be our new classmate! So I expect-" He glared at a small group of boys.

"Everyone to be on their best behavior."

Class went by too fast for her. Although she did enjoy her new school, she noticed the same group of boys are pointing and laughing at her quietly throughout the day. Now she just wants to go home and take a nap. She looks behind her and sees that the group was walking down the same sidewalk as her. She started to walk a little faster, trying to avoid getting mixed up with them.

“Hey! New girl!” she heard a masculine voice calling her but the only thing that she could do is keep walking.

“Hey! Little-Miss-Bitch! C’mere!!”


She heard laughing and murmured talking but she just wanted to ignore them and get home. “We just want to be your friend!” said an unfamiliar voice from the crowd. She stopped in her tracks and turned around as the group was right behind her.

“Better.” said the boy whose voice belong to. He took a step forward and took her books and threw them in front of a moving car and walked away laughing along with his group.

“HAHAHA what a loser!”

She just gave a small chuckle to herself “Maybe that’s how they treat friends here?”

All she could do was laugh and walk home alone. But she silently planned revenge. She doesn't like the idea but she doesn't want to take more abuse. Even though their ideas of jokes were childish and immature, the verbal and physical abuse went on for weeks until the last day of school approached. For each little prank they pulled, she went more vivid and gruesome with her idea on revenge. They will suffer for every single person that has caused me pain. They need to suffer the most.

Everyday she received new bruises and cuts but they won’t go unnoticed. Elsie thought that on the last day she could wear a nice outfit that her mom bought her. She had her black hair pulled up in a nice bow and wore a beautiful green dress that she loved dearly. As she was walking to school, the group approached her from behind without her noticing.

The main guy came up closer behind and flipped the bottom of her dress. That really got the small group laughing. She turned to look at them with tears in her eyes and her face red from anger.

“Stop. Stop picking on me!” she was shaking and her head was pounding from the inside.

“Or what? There's nothing you can do!” the boy chuckled and lightly shoved her back. Another boy got scissors and pulled her ponytail back and snip her hair fell to the sidewalk and all the guys were high-fiving and laughing.

As she was on her knees crying over her hair, he kicked her into a nearby small ditch. She struggle to get up but she had sprained her ankle so all she would do was limp out of there. They will suffer in time. But not now. Now the boys are pulling and pushing her and a few were marking her arms and legs with scissors and and pocket knives, laughing and taunting. Some were cutting her dress and violating her. She gave up. She fell to the ground with dead thud.

“Oh shit she’s dead!” “Run!”

She heard footsteps quickly fading. She was mumbling and twitching on the sidewalk. Suffer. Th-they need to suffer. N-nev-now! She got up and started limping down the sidewalk, planning.

It was now night time. The boy was saying his good nights and went to his room and crawled into bed. As he closed his eyes he heard his floor creaking. He opened his eyes, no one there.

Hours later her felt a sharp, deep pain in his leg. He screamed but his mouth was soon covered by a hand.

“You laughed while I suffered. Now it’s my turn.”

His eyes were tear filled but he recognized her. Elsie. Standing next to his bed with new blood dripping from her face.

She seemed different though in his eyes. Her face was peeled in some places and she had red around her eyes. Her skin in the moonlight was pale and cut up. Her fingers were burnt to where they were crisp around her fingertips.

“Don’t worry about your family.” she laughed as she marked a pair of scissors down his arm. “I took care of them first.”

He froze in fear, but still shaking. She winked and chuckled as she pinched a bit of skin fro his face. His cries of pain where covered by her cold hands. She made the cut deeper. Deeper. Tears streamed down his cut up face, burning each cut at the slightest. He knew this was the end for him. He closed his eyes as she cut and pinched his skin, feeling a cold, painful cut with blood spewing out.

Last thing he remembered after that torture, was her laugh, her high pitched, cackling laugh. And her sweet voice, saying his last heard line.

“Who’s laughing now?”


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CREEPYPASTA Who's Laughing Now?

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