A phone
Matt is sitting with his mates down at the pub when he realizes that his phone is ringing. So, who's calling?

He picks up the phone to answer it, but it stops ringing as soon as he grabs it.

A couple of hours pass and he is at his home, a small 2 bedroom apartment, when he hears his phone ringing again, in the kitchen. Matt rushes to pick it up, not wanting to miss the call, but it stops ringing as soon as he lays a finger on it. Thinking nothing of this, he returns to his bedroom and sleeps. He awakes up to a loud bang at 2 am followed by an angry hushed whisper: "Pick it up... pick it up!"

The whisper echoes through his mind for a couple of seconds, and then fades away.

His phone rings.

He refuses to answer it.

The ringing doesn't stop. It echoes through his head the same way the voice did. It gets so loud that Matt, unable to stand the sound, falls unconscious.

As he wakes, he realizes something. His phone is not where he left it. It is now right next to him. Right next to where he lay on the floor, next to his bed. As he becomes more aware of his surroundings, he sees that the phone is ringing yet again.

The voice returns, but it is not a hushed whisper anymore. No. It is screaming at the top of its lungs. Screaming, pounding his head, forcing him to pick up the phone.

He can no longer control his body.

The hand that he once controlled is now controlled by the voice. This time, when it touches the phone, it doesn't hang up. Instead, it continues to ring. His finger presses answer.

Lucy is down at the shopping centre when her phone begins to ring. She goes to answer it, but it stops ringing as soon as she touches it.