The White Witch

The White Witch is an urban legend in Jamaica.


The story states that The White Witch was named Annie Palmer, a woman who was born in England to an English mother and an Irish Father. However in Haiti, her parents died of Yellow Fever. She was then adopted by her nanny, who practiced voodoo and taught her witchcraft. She later moved to Jamaica, where she married John Palmer in 1820.

John owned Rose Hall, which was on East Montego Bay. John Palmer, however, died suspiciously, which brought Annie's demise. She then became a mistress of Voodoo, using it to terrorize the plantation. Sometimes, she took male slaves to bed at night, she often murdered them.

She also murdered her lovers because she would grow bored with them. In 1830, a slave lover named Takoo murdered Annie in her sleep. Takoo found out that Annie used a voodoo spell to kill his daughter and returned to kill her. Unfortunately for him, he was caught and killed.

More recently, rumors have spread about a visitor being pushed by the ghost of Annie off of her favorite balcony. The visitor was found dead with a broken neck.

220px-Annie Palmer - Tomb at Rose Hall

Annie's Grave.