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The original minions.

This happened late last year when I first started playing League of Legends, which means that I don't really know much about the game yet, so I'm not that aware of things that happened.

It happened on the 12th of December, when I woke up lazily. I usually lay in bed for about half an hour after waking up on a holiday but today I was a bit excited. I was gonna play LoL with a friend, who said he was gonna teach me how to. He told me the tutorial was for players who never really used a computer before and I could see that quite clearly. I logged on but he wasn't online. I texted him and he replied, "I'm played ranked right now, desperately trying to get to gold. Play with u later,".

I was a bit disappointed because I was really looking forward to playing with him. I decided to play a single player custom game all by myself. I set up the bots, chose my champion and the loading screen popped up. It loaded slowly, much slower than I expected. The game started with no sound. I checked the options and pulled the volumes up high and turned my speakers up. Still, no sound. I bought my starting items and continued on. It was normal until the 30 second mark. The announcer said " Welcome to Hell,'. 

I was bewildered. This was very odd. I started to look everywhere in my room, which is what I usually do when I get scared.

When the minions spawned, the blue little creatures strolled past the friendly turret. They had blood all over their small armor and their walking animation was a bit crooked. It bothered me, looking at the poor minions suffer. When the minions fought, i could see blood. A lot of blood. When they died, their lifeless bodies fell onto the ground more violently. It was much worse when the turrets started shooting them. Their bodies exploded, blood splattering everywhere. I was able to bear the gory scene throughout the game and managed to win. The 'Victory' text appeared, blood dripping from its edges. I clicked continue and the screen went black. I couldn't Alt F4 and the black screen remained for a minute before showing a horrific scene. It scrolled through a place which looked like a slaughtering house. bloody purple coats and blue armor hung on hangers as small human-like creatures were hung by the neck and pulled across a machine.

Urgot, a champion in the game, seemed to be controlling the machinery. They were sent to a chamber where they were transported into the Fields of Justice to fight. Those who died were carried in a cart and pulled to an incinerator. Others who where blown to bits by the turrets or by champions had their organs and body parts thrown into a grinder where blood sprayed everywhere. Where minions come from is a place we don't want to be. It continued forever and I shut down my computer. I grabbed my phone and tried to watch something that would make forget that scene. I told my friend that I couldn't play with him that day, and I stared at my computer. League of Legends had such poor creatures play as minions by our side, but we don't know the pain they go through.

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