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We go through life never paying attention to details; what a shame.

We never look around corners or behind mirrors; what a shame.

Unaware that there are others out there; what a shame.

We are nothing but prey to them; what a shame.

Joseph never believed in the paranormal; what a shame.

He only saw what he believed he saw; what a shame.

Only scoffed at horror movies and scary stories; what a shame.

He walked through his life looking only forward; what a shame.

Didn't bother looking behind him; what a shame.

The pain in the back of his head surprised him; what a shame.

He turned around as the claws dug in; what a shame.

Even with blood clouding his vision he looked for his assailant;

what a shame.

And on the ground, his shadow showed a wide grin...

"What a shame."

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