Creepy bedroom

We've all felt it... that feeling that something is watching you while you're in bed, at your most intimate moments. When you are in the darkness of your bedroom, resting, thinking, talking, masturbating, fucking... Especially when you're fucking. 

It's the feeling of eyes just watching you, the feeling that horrible things are all around you, right next to you, behind you. Yes, many of you have felt it at least once.

You imagine grotesque beings such as The Elephant Man, and other horribly deformed, grotesque humanoids behind you, on your flank, under the bed while you are in the throws of passion with your partner. Feeling that they are waiting for you to look in their direction... So they can scream directly in your face and embrace you with disfigured arms and pull you closer to their horrifying bodies to lick your face and kiss your mouth... Or do much worse.

It's also that feeling you get, as you enter your dark restroom at night. The feeling that when you turn on the light, you'll see him... Joseph Merrick naked and grotesque next to you. Only he's not the kind, gentle Elephant Man we've come to know... he's a writhing, horny, vengeful creature hellbent on taking you back to the depths with him. His only aim... to be inside you. Or perhaps you begin to feel something waiting for you behind the shower curtain. You check, and there is nothing. It's a powerful presence you sense around you.

You're not crazy. There are horrible things that watch us at night, usually during our time of slumber. They don't always harm us, but it has happened. Usually, they just want to watch you while you fuck. Just be careful when you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. They usually leave by daylight or when we wake up to start our day.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you can see them. And if you do... I wish you good luck because there is nothing you can do to stop them from enjoying you all for themselves. When you turn on that bathroom light tonight, remember this passage.

Should you feel that feeling prior to turning on the lights, If you don't want to be a sex slave to one of the wretched freaks, before you turn on the light, pull out one of your hairs from the root and leave it on the counter as an offering to them. I mean, unless... If that's your thing.

CREEPYPASTA What Really Watches You in the Dark

CREEPYPASTA What Really Watches You in the Dark

Written by Blacknumber1
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