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It's a funny thing darkness is; how it plays on the mind how it puts you on edge, how it gives you that feeling of an evil presence chasing you up the stairs as you have just turned the light off.

Here's where my story begins, it's a dark and cold night in the middle of January and I am just about to go to sleep. Before I turn my room light off I turn the light on my phone on as I hate the dark, it make's me feel vulnerable, so I turn the light off and I walk around my computer desk and approach my bed but my phone light cuts off.

I freeze and shut my eyes as tight as I can, they feel so tight that I feel as though my eyelids are about to rip. I know I can't stay like this so I slowly open my eyes and unlock my phone to turn the light back on but to my horror the batteries dead, a cold shiver of panic goes from the nape of my neck right the way down to coxi's, I can feel my heart pounding against my chest I want to scream but I'm paralyzed with fear.

I now have two choices I can either attempt to make the rest of my way to my bed or back to the light, I remember the light switch being closest so I decide to head back for that I slowly turn and make my way back to the switch, what happened next will be burnt into my memories for my remaining years, I trip up over something in the middle of the floor, I let out a loud shriek before hitting the cold floor, my shriek wakes my dad up and he rushes into my room to see if everything is alright, for me it seemed I was on the floor for and eternity where it was actually a mere twenty-odd seconds. My dad turns my light on and helps me to my feet I remember hugging him as hard as I could and burying my face into his stomach, I felt safe now I knew that dad wouldn't let anything happen to me.

My dad asks me what had happened and I tell him I had just tripped over something he offers to wait for me to get into bed and he will turn the light off for me, I accept this offer obviously and I get into bed and my dad turns the light off for me, we say goodnight and he goes back into his room, I'd imagine he went to back to bed. When I finally manage to calm I get some sleep.

I wake up in the morning and look at where I tripped over and I notice the nearest thing for me to trip over is my chair's leg and that's on the other side of my room, no where near where I tripped, there is also a faint discolouring of the floor where I tripped, I start to panic and get dressed as quickly as I can and leave the house to go over my friends.

I tell him about what happened the previous night, he thinks it's funny to try and scare me so he decides to say the boogeyman lives in your house and he's going to eat you, I tell him to grow up and the topic of the conversation changes and I forget about what happened for the rest of the day.

That day my friend and I went out and I stayed out longer than the time I was allowed, I didn't realize this because dad hadn't phoned me, that seemed odd. I return home to darkness, I immediately turn the downstairs light on and I see a note on the coffee table saying 'Working late tonight son I'll be back at around 3:00ish there's food in the fridge if you haven't eaten see you soon buddy, Dad.' I decide to have a look at what food we have in the fridge there's nothing in there that I feel like eating so I go up to my room and before I open my door I hear a sobbing noise but it's only quiet, I think I hear things however I reluctantly open the door as I open the door the noise stops, I was sure I was hearing thing so I brushed it off.

I turn my computer on and go on my web-cam to my friend and we decide to play an online game. We have a couple of games and halfway through our third game my computer cuts out. I get annoyed at it and turn it back on, I turn my web-cam back on and start talking to my friend again, he asks what happened and I just tell him that my computer crashed but it was no big deal. He doesn't reply to me, he just stares at his screen as though he was looking at something behind me, I think he is just trying to scare me again so I tell him to cut it out and answer me, but this time it was different he seemed to actually be looking at something because he would of stopped by now if he was trying to scare me.

I ask him what he's looking at and he says very calmly with a hint of fear in his voice 'Do not turn around,' I instantly go cold and start to panic I want to turn around but I can't, I hear keys turning in the door downstairs and I run out of my room downstairs. I couldn't have been more happy to see dad I tell him there's someone in the house, he looks around to make me feel at ease and he tells me no one's there I believe him and go to bed. I had trouble sleeping that night, I had terrible nightmares about people burning to death.

In the morning I go over to my friends house to tell him to stop scaring me and that I've had enough of it. I knock on his door and he lets me in, he says to me I've got something to show you and he leads me up to his room, I follow him expecting him to have a screamer on his computer waiting for me but what he has on his computer is far worse, I would have settled with a screamer over this.

He says to me do you remember last night? I tell him of course I do and he says well look at this, it was a print screen of our web chat and I ask him what am I looking for it's just me and he says look closer in the top right hand side of the screen. I look and a part of me dies inside, panic floods my body, I start to shake rapidly and I ask my friend for help and what should I do.

I will never forget what I saw that day, it was a face of what seemed to be a woman. She was scarred, it looked to be burn marks, she had only one eye the other was missing it was just a hollow socket, her mouth was grinning in a malicious manner, you could see some of her sharp misplaced teeth through gaps in her lips which I'd imagine were burnt away. I was horrified, I showed my dad the picture and he told me the history of our house.

He told me that the previous owner of our house was a woman who was hated by the neighbourhood and that one day her house was petrol bombed. She didn't make it out of the house in time and she burnt to death inside. When she was found the heat had fused her body in a crouched position in the area that was beneath my room. It started to add up, tripping over something, the discoloured floor, the bad dreams and the burnt face. I begged my dad to move house. At first he was reluctant, this house was perfect for where his job was, but he would always put me first so we moved house in the end and it stopped. Now I always make sure my phone has full battery so the torch doesn't run out and I try to keep out of the dark as much as possible.

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