There once was an old man who lived alone in an old three-story house. It had hard wood floors and a huge kitchen. He was a friendly man, and most people in the town knew him as a friendly, polite man.

One day though, he mysteriously went missing.

It is said that if you went inside the house, you would hear footsteps and moans. Many teens went into the house on dares, most of who entered were never heard from again. Those who did get out never spoke of the experience.

A few months ago I was dared to go inside and stay the night in the house, I am NOT one to refuse dares. I went in and as I was entering I heard my friends screaming out, "Don't die on us!"

I wasn't afraid though. When I got in, it was already about 7:00 PM and it was dark outside.

"Only 11 hours left," I said to myself, looking for a light switch.

When I finally found one I flicked it a few times, but it wasn't working so I had a seat on the floor. I was in the living room of the house; it was about 3:00 AM now. I heard a noise come from the 3rd floor, naturally I went to check it out. When I got there I saw nothing. "Hmm," I mumbled. Just then I heard a whisper in a raspy voice:

"What... lurks... in... the soul..."

I'm not one to get scared a lot but this time... this time was different. I started getting chills, I ran down the stairs to see a man with a knife. He slowly turned around and screamed at me.

"What lurks behind you!"

I hastily turned and ran into a closet. I felt a something wet on my head; I looked up to see the mangled body of the teens that came before me, a rotting smell filled the tiny closet. I stopped myself from screaming.

One of the dismembered corpses moved its head and softly said in an evil almost funny voice, "What... lurks behind... the soul..."

I burst out of the closet running for the door, as soon as I got there I tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge. I screamed and hollered for help, I blacked out after that.

When morning finally came my friends found me in the house, blood dripping from one of my eyes, I had jabbed a knife through it. They said that all I was saying was, "What lurks behind you is evil, what looks behind you is death..."