The world is full of life. But it is also full of death. Every time that you get out of bed, you are making a decision to join one of those two worlds by the end of the day. Some will read this and say "Hell. I'm going to stay in bed then." Unfortunately for you, the choice to join one of the two worlds is made while you sleep at night. You will either lay in bed and survive to see a new day, or die as you lay hoping for another.

There is only one true way to tell if you will survive.

Everything you do has been predetermined before you even wake up in the morning. No matter what you do, someone has already planned out how everything will go, no matter what you do or how much you resist it. It is futile. You have never been in control of your own life. It was always someone else. Every time you opened a door, it is because someone else made you. Anytime you went to be with your friends, it is because someone else wanted to. You only think you want to do these things, but in truth, you are not in control. Like I said, you never have been.

Let me ask you this. Have you ever stared into your reflection?

Go to the mirror and stare into your reflection's eyes. Do you see pain and misery? Do you see a future? Or do you see nothing at all?

That reflection is an extension of you. Because that reflection is you. You will think that it is a copy of you, but in all truthfulness, you are the copy. You live in a mock version of the mirrors world. You only survive as long as it does. That's why when you break a mirror you receive 7 years of bad luck, because you have shattered part of the connection between your worlds. When that connection is broken, you die. But your reflection lives on.

The mirror is the true reality. Think about that next time you look in the mirror.