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Hello, today I am going to tell you about a certain website. Yes, all this website crap is always so cliché. I know that, but this certain website is just a bit different from most. Well, enough talk. I'll get started already.

It was probably about 3:00 am. I had insomnia, so it was practically useless attempting to sleep. I decided to check some Facebook for a bit. Nothing much, just pictures I already saw. I browsed funny sites and funny pictures, then some feels comics… you get the point.

I started to get interested in scary stuff. Nothing was scary enough for me, and I wouldn't be sleeping tonight anyways, so I searched some sites. “Scary games” I typed down. I passed multiple games such as Luna game, Scary maze, Amnesia, and much more. I soon reached page 20, which was unlikely for me since I only looked at the first page.

I saw a link titled with only period dots as well as the description. The website URL was “”. It sounded like some crappy ad, but I was curious and saw how it stood out. It was probably some lame scary picture, so I took a chance and clicked. It took awhile for the page to load up, which resulted in a plain black background. It had nothing on it except for two links in white at the top, one reading Games, the other Videos.

By this time I had lost interest in games and wondered what the videos could be. I felt uneasy but shook it off, as I had insomnia and it was probably screwing with my brain. I clicked videos and clicked the download link slowly, almost as if that would change something. Right after I clicked my computer downloaded the file at light speed, shooting it onto my desktop in a folder titled “Video Funfun”.

It sounded like some kid made it, or some guy trying to be scary. I opened up and saw three videos. “Crawling.avi”, “Sleepy.avi”, and the most disturbing title of all, “Kittykitty.avi”. I know it sounds like I'm joking when I say Kittykitty.avi is scary, but it truly unsettled me. I decided to just open sleepy.avi, for the joke that I couldn't sleep. It took awhile to load up, but when it did I almost immediately regretted it.

It was a film of a girl sleeping in bed. The camera man approached the sleeping girl and moved her hands to this sleeping victim’s neck. She grabbed hold and held her grip, the girl struggling as her eyes bulged out, gasping for breath. She soon closed her eyes, passing away almost as soon as it started. Then this girl rips her clothes off and starts ripping her stomach area apart, splattering blood everywhere. The film abruptly ends. I had a shit attack. That sure wasn't going to help me to sleep. I closed the file and was greeted with the folder, which was now empty.

Confused, scared, and angry for the situation, I checked the recycling. Nothing. I exited the folder and found a new folder, titled “Happy”. This person must have been insane. I kept telling myself it was fake, shuddering and trying to calm down. Inside “Happy” was a file called “Whywhywhy.avi”. I clicked the red X, not wanting any more of this, and then the video played. I panicked and held the power button, though this stupid virus disabled it somehow. I started to freak out as the video started.

This video consisted of a newborn infant, his arms filled with staples and scratches. The poor thing was wailing in pain, so much I wanted to reach out to him and save the poor child, though it was impossible. The girl put the camera on the table and filmed herself near the kid. She looked like she was Asian, Japanese perhaps. Anyways she was about 14 years old by the looks of her. She smiled. “Hi, Hi!” She spoke, incredibly happy sounding. “Baby fun!” She cheered grabbing something and pulling it out. It was a mangy, cut up kitten.

“Cubby help me.” She said, gesturing to it. This made me wonder what was it “Kittykitty.avi”, though I realized I didn't want to know. This girl, who we will call Anon, proceeded to slap the baby and spit on it. She put the kitten, “Cubby” on him and put tuna, catnip, etc. all over the baby’s face, getting in his eyes. This kitten went insane on him and tore him up, eating at the flesh on him. She hugged him and said cheerfully, “Cubby is cute, yes? Good kitty!” Before gently pulling him aside.

She put the baby in the oven and walked away, looking at a wall filled with stuffed human heads.

“This is Cubby’s happy wall!” She said, picking the small kitten up and moving him around like a puppet.

“I am Cubby! I am happy and proud!” Anon said in a higher pitched voice. She reached for the camera and shut it off. The files deleted themselves and my computer was normal. I closed the screen and sat there, crying. I held my face in my hands and just sat there, bawling for a good while. I called my boyfriend over to my house and he arrived to comfort me ASAP.

Tabby Kitten

Cubby looked like this.

Tabby Kitten

Cubby looked like this.

Days passed and I went to check the site, though nothing of the name “” came up, however “” did. The only thing there was a picture of the kitten and words above it saying. “Kitty litter! My site and images got taken down. I'll just get some more for you. Meow~ ;)” I would have thought it was kind of cute, but it was a lot more disturbing. Soon that site was taken down, presumably by Anon. That’s everything I can remember, and I hope you never come across that site again. Thank you and goodbye.

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