We all remember monsters. We remember the beast that lurked under our bed, the one that resided in our closet, the one that leered at us from the dark shadows in our room. Everyone has had their own personal monster that always kept them on edge.

Mommy or Daddy would always turn on the light and prove that no such monster was there. The nightlight that was plugged in kept all the shadows and scary things away. The lullaby would send the monster away, writhing in agony from such sweet, loving words.

But now that we’re older, we’ve forgotten our monsters. The shadows of the night, the closet and the space beneath the bed are things we’ve grown out of fearing, something we care very little about and even consider mundane. The most frightening thing about all of the listed places is knowing that you’ll have to clean up whatever mess is there. But did you ever think that maybe that monster is still there?

Just because you don’t see or don’t believe in something doesn’t make it any less real.

We’re all convinced that the monsters only existed within our own minds, but did you ever think that may be untrue? What if we ARE the monsters? What if those lurking shadows and glowing eyes we swear to see are what we become in the afterlife?

Maybe Heaven isn’t real. Maybe we aren’t reincarnated. Maybe we don’t just end up being food for the parasites that live underground.

What if we become the monsters of our childhood and strike fear into the hearts of those we watch over?

'What If' by Shinigami02:01

'What If' by Shinigami.Eyes

"What If", narrated.