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I assume everybody here sleeps on a bed? Well I don't, after this happened...


It's now nine o' clock. I spent a total of two hours surfing in internet through my laptop. I live alone in my small cottage in the woods because I'm on vacation. My only companion was my dog named Rober.

Rober's a good protector, he has killed two snakes who tried to bite me.

As I said before, it's already nine o' clock. I'm very sleepy, so I sat on my bed and laid down on it. I also saw Rober lie down on the mat and slept.

It's only two days remaining before I go back to my home with my family on the city. I thought after this sleep. I would go outside into the bright woods again and maybe go fishing near the lake.

But suddenly, my bed moved a little on the right. I got startled, wondering what it was. Nah, it's just Rober. Anyways, I went back to sleep.

The bed moved again. This time, to the left. I got awaken again, this time. I wanted to check.

To my horror, Rober was still sleeping on the mat. It was not Rober who moved the bed.

I was too scared to look under the bed. I normally get scared instantly by watching horror films and reading horror books. Those kind of things get into my head very quickly.

I decided to just sleep through it. I hopped on my bed and attempted to sleep again.

The bed moved again. I pretended that I didn't noticed it. The bed moved again, I'm starting to worry. The bed moved again. I'm now shaking of fear.

After a couple of bed moves, the moves suddenly stopped. I became even more terrified. Why has it stopped? Has it already got out of the bed?

Someone touched me in the back.

I screamed so hard that I think it was heard by all of the inhabitants in the woods. I shakingly turned my back, just to see Rober asking for food. Rober was just touching my back with his paw.

"Oh silly Rober, you scared me a lot!" I told Rober as I pat him on the head. I turned on the lights and guided Rober to his food bowl.

I reached for the food box on the top of the cabinet and poured some of it in Rober's food bowl. After that, I turned of the lights again and hopped on my bed. The sound of Rober licking and crunching on his food is still heard.

The licking and crunching stopped. I felt that someone was watching me. I turned my back and saw Rober already sleeping on the same mat. I turned back again and attempted to sleep.

But I really felt that someone was watching me. The hair on my skin stood up, and I felt cold. I can't take it! Why can't I just not sleep and just use my laptop to surf the internet?

I sat on my bed and opened my laptop. I surfed the internet for a couple of minutes, but bad news struck. The battery of the laptop is now dead, and it instantly turned off.

"Ah crap, now I have to charge you now." I spoke to it, weird. I went near my backpack and got my charger. I plugged the laptop and wondered what to do now. I have no one to play Rock, Paper, Scissors or Tic-Tac-Toe with.

I decided to just sleep, even though that would spook me out. I hopped on my bed and attempted to sleep.

The bed moved again. This time I wasn't so scared for it happened a lot. After two moves, it stopped again.

Someone touched me in the back again, but this time, it's bad news.

Rober was still sleeping on the mat.

"Holy Mother of God." I told to myself. If it wasn't Rober, who the hell was it?! I'm too stressed and scared to go back to sleep. I don't want to be touched in the back again by some weird entity.

I switched the light switch on, but the lights didn't turn on. I also saw my laptop has stopped charging. I guess it's a blackout, and that news scared the living crap out of me.

No more light, no more battery, no more electricity. Can't sleep because of creepy touching entity, and I have no one to talk to. What to do now?

"I should probably che-- check that bed now..." I told myself, trembling in fear. I steadily and slowly walked near my bed, crouched down and checked to see what, or who was under the bed.

Well, no one is.

"What? Nothing's in here?" I told myself. I stood back up, and felt something very tall by my back. I wanted to look back, but I'm too scared that my body was paralyzed.

I looked back, and saw nothing. Except for a thin black leg extending out of the window. It mysteriously retracted upwards. There were footsteps on the roof, then it also faded.

Has the monster escaped already? Maybe.

Legend says that the monster is still hiding under beds, even now. Well, why not check under your bed and find out? Good luck!

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