Probably How The Witch Looked

If you are reading this then I have sadly started my mental life... I am writing this to tell you HIDE, RUN & never look back...

At first I had always had a mad moment every once in a while, but as I grew up my life started to get crazier and crazier. "Welcome to Cradled form school!" is one thing the male teacher said as we all entered the school.

"We hope you have a 'wonderful' time" which was followed by a sinister laugh, me being the only one of my old school friends to be able to join this school, but after i had joined a group there, my ideas of the school got better and better. But one day this all changed on the 17th of May 2006, the school was closed due to a 'odd' appearance at a window at the front building...

The teachers appearing on the news said "There is nothing to worry about!" After that, the television blacked out. Everything in the house did. I looked outside to see not only my house but the whole street covered in darkness until I saw something that haunts me to this very day.

Ghosts roaming the streets, as my parents knew I have a mental problem, so they never believed me. None of my friends did either, until the fateful day in 2008 when this happened again, but this time it was midnight and everyone was asleep. Except me of course as the day was the same day as that creepy figure appeared in the school building back in 06. Waking at the chime of the clock on my bedside table I heard screams; loud and mental screams, except when I looked in my parents bedroom they were fast asleep... So my thoughts were, what is happening?

As I pondered that question the ghost appeared again, and I ran to my window to look outside to find corpses that were found in the school in 1998, the year of my birth after a figure was seen in the school. I thought, "Has 'HE' returned?"

This "HE" was what I called this thing under my bed when I was around 5 years old which at the time seemed so real but yet my parents believed me up until the age of 10 so when I was 7 I went onto our computer to search what it was.

There was nothing but pages saying "Hide, run & never look back..." And after that he disappeared. I clicked one of the pages and there was a picture that scared me and stopped me from sleeping for months. A man with glowing eyes and claws for hands which I thought related to the appearances at school in 1998. I stopped the researching and cleared the internet history so my parents didn't find out what I found.

Waking one night when I was 15 I found my cheeks had been cut and my stomach with what look like a name on it... I looked in a mirror and found that it said "I am the Reke."

My parents walked in and called the hospital. When I got to the hospital, the doctors said "It's completely natural for a boy this age to cut himself, it's one of his young adult stages..." After that my parents felt not as scared about it but I knew it was something other than some "stage". I thought, "This must be 'HIM'..."

I went on the internet again and searched what I searched for when I was 7 and I researched more. My parents saw me and asked "What are you... looking at?"

So I told them that this is what I searched when I was 7, and they told me off, "You're not getting to me!" I shouted at them that I saw corpses on the street in 2008 on the same day that the creepy figure appeared at school and they told me "You have a mental problem Jacob... We wish you would have not searched it..."

So I asked them what they meant. "When your father was a child he saw 'IT' and 'IT' had glowing eyes and claws for hands..."

So I told them this, "That creature is called 'The Rake' and it has probably been watching us... And this is worrying me as the cut on my stomach was 'HIM' please believe me!"

Then suddenly a scream rang out from outside. My mother, father, and I ran to the window and saw them, the ghosts with the corpses...

"Oh no... Jacob get down now!" said my mother with my father panting as if he had been winded.

"But I'm not hiding, this creature had been hiding under my bed since I was 5!" and I was right, and I looked back outside and I saw my younger school friends being disemboweled.

My heart stopped for a second "Those... Those are my friends... I have to help them!" I screamed, "You cant help them Jacob! You just can't help them!"

My father said to me and my mother hugged me to keep me back and to comfort me but I got out and then..."You cannot help them!" said a deep and rumbling voice... As I ran towards my friends I saw the creature and I grabbed my friends and ran... Blood started to drip from my nose and eyes but that was not the blood from my friends. It was my blood.

After I ran back to my house, my mother was being helpful and grabbed my friends and fixed their cuts. Only they had survived and they told my that a creature had taken them awake but they had stopped breathing until they started floating and in a short coma...

The rest of this story I cannot remember but my mother and father I know that they were murdered and so were my friends so my life is lost and I cannot have any friends but the nights are still frightening and the 17th of May is always the night when I stay awake to try and survive...

Written By xXDgXx

Not based off a true story.

Some of the mistakes WERE on purpose.

Written ENTIRELY Of imagination and the listening to Creepypasta.

Though, when I was 6 - 8 I saw a ghost at the back of my house and then I received a phone call from my "Mother" but I cannot remember what happened after that.