We are people. We are what we make. Our decisions make us up. We are who you think we are. Freaks who like to write scary and depressing things like these. You are freaks too. Freaks who are reading this. Everyone are freaks. Most make fun of freaks. Little did they know they are to. What make us freaks is what makes us unique. Maybe in cool ways or maybe in bad ways.

We are curious. We like to explore and find new things. We learn. We learn in many different ways. In pain, in suffering. Or when we prosper and amount to greatness. So many ways to learn.

We are darkness. Everyone does something bad. When we do so we only encourage corruption. And once we keep doing things that are "bad," we suffer insanity. We don't suffer insanity, we enjoy every single bit of it.

We are bitter. We only like to torment something or make new names for it, call out what sticks out. Everyone is a critic. We can point out the flawless, but seek more flaw instead.

We are nothing more than a speck on the Earth. From above you can't notice difference. Everything is a speck. But up close is where you get to see the differences. But by what we look like tells nothing of who we are.

We represent sanity. The sanity gained by few. The true sanity we must all obtain, insanity.

We start making these to form a darkness scratching at the back of your mind no matter what forces you try to push it back.

We are you. The reader. We read like you. We breath like you. But we have a different view than you. We view things with such logic. Fear and true logic.

We are the creators of fear. We are the only since of logic faced with sanity.

We are here. On the same planet as you. The exact same one. We might meet. You will not be concerned if we bump into you or if you see us. But we will notice and take what we can of you.

Right now we are concluding that you are reading this. And now will stop once you finish it upon your desire to do so.

We are people representing sanity; logic, darkness, specks on Earth, curiosity, bitterness, creators, and you.