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While a cruise ship sailed through a tropical depression during a terrible storm, a rogue wave attacked without warning. The ship was flipped and thrown ashore. Only twenty survived the wreckage. They were extremely disoriented as they woke up hungry and unsure exactly where they were.

After all the people became oriented, they started to build a village. The same night they named a leader. That leader was an expert survivalist. He showed them how to forage the fruit from the trees and plants.

With this knowledge, the village thrived for about twenty years, growing in size from twenty to thirty people.

Then something strange happened; an eerie mist covered the island for three days. When the mist rose, the village leader had disappeared, but the island was flourishing with more fruit than ever.

They were worried about the leader, so they searched for him. They couldn't find him after a long search. They finally decided to stop to eat, remembering that the morning before the leader went missing. How he was seen scarfing down mangoes and pineapples and such, just as they were doing now.

The villagers resumed the search, only to realise that he was nowhere to be found.

They gave up the search. The next morning, they noticed that two of the villagers were missing. They searched, only to find nobody. They again gave up the search after a week.

As the weeks went by, more and more villagers disappeared, until only one man was left. Being the only man left, he put on his suit and tie that he had hid for years in his hut, so that he could hold onto that feeling of civilization once more. He felt his sanity slowly fading away.

He was beginning to get hungry. He went out into the jungle with a spear in his hand to hunt for a meal. He almost never ate the fruit. Not like the others did, anyway. Eating like it would be the last meal they ever had. He always hunted.

He finds you, lying on the jungle floor, unconscious. He nudged you with his spear. You woke up slowly, but stayed on the ground.

The man walked over, kneeling down on one knee. He hunched his back and brought his face next to yours.

Whispering, he said, "Would you like to join paradise?"

Your vision begins to fade.

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