Jeremy was an old man, he lived alone, except for his dog. Jeremy loved his dog more than anything else in the world. Every morning, as long as he'd had it, Jeremy would get his dog from its bed, and take it on a walk. They were long walks, Jeremy never kept track of how long, but they would walk from early in the morning well through midday. As time passed, the dog got older, and easily became tired. Eventually, by the time they got home, Jeremy would have to bring his dog back to its bed, where it could rest for the remainder of the day. Nevertheless, the next morning, they would go through the same routine, day in and day out, Jeremy never failed to take his dog on a walk.

The point came where the dog would lag so far behind Jeremy that he, in his old age, would grow frustrated, tugging sharply on the dog's leash, jerking it towards him so he could continue walking. His neighbors would watch from their windows, disapprovingly. Many of them felt they should report Jeremy to someone. But then, what could the police really do about the crazy old man who dragged his dead dog around on a leash?