I walked through a forest, dazed and confused about what was going on. Not just from before, but from what life was about. If there is a god, how could he let someone be stranded in the woods? That was one of many thoughts I pondered while I walked blindly through the trees and bushes. I have been doing so for days after being mugged and thrown off a hiking trail I was on before. I thought of yelling for help, nobody heard me, I could only hunt and stay near a stream for now, little did I know the water wasn't clean and I was suffering from dehydration. I wasn't sure of god so I spent a little too much time praying instead of looking for a way out, tomorrow I am sure to be dead.

Creepy forest

News report: dead body found near a hiking trail, only a mile off trail. We found his journal, he apparently has been out here for days.

I found out there is no god, no afterlife, just endless thoughts and oblivion, I wish, only wish I could have found that trail, maybe if I spent a little more time working and a little less time praying to nothing... just maybe...