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Hello, my name is John and I am around twenty years old - I have always thought of myself as a fairly ordinary guy, no real health problems or ill-fortune to speak of.

I have a stable job, good friends and even began to start dating after a few years of being on my own - so what is an ordinary guy like me doing strapped to a table in the middle of some dark room, surrounded by nothing but shadows?

Instantly I think on past discussions with friends about sleep paralysis and it hits me - I was experiencing the very phenomena we had discussed: that's why I couldn't move and just as my friends had said I began to hallucinate.

Yet the hallucinations were more vivid than I had imagined, even with the knowledge of what was going on I was terrified - the shadows slowly fading to reveal several humanoid beings with chalk white skin and large almond-shaped eyes that stared at me like pools of black ink.

I felt a sharp pain in my wrists and glanced down, to my horror strange wires began to slide into my skin, moving around inside me as I felt them slide up my arm - yet I was completely unable to move as the strange beings stood over me and observed silently.

The fear was overwhelming now and I closed my eyes, a cold sweat passed over me as I felt that wire slide further and further until it eventually reached my skull: then agonizing pain struck me like electricity and I jerked uncontrollably, my eyes opening as I let out an instinctual cry of pain... as well as fear.

As I jerked around the figures finally closed in and I blacked out, when I awoke I was in bed and still shivering as I moved my arm to place a hand over my aching head: having had what I could only assume to be the worst nightmare of my life.

It was then I glanced at my wrist and saw something that made that cold sweat come back, my fear returning almost instantly.. a small puncture wound, right on my wrist...

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