I remember the event as if it were yesterday.

It had been a boring day and I had nothing to do, so I decided to watch some shows. I was out of a job and had to cancel my subscription to Netflix, so I used IceFilms, my favorite torrent site.

After deciding what to watch, I happily downloaded and played it. About 10 minutes in, it glitched and froze. "Just fucking splendid" I thought to myself, trying again. It froze again at the same point. Annoyed, I decided to go to sleep.

I later came to realize that it was a virus when it did that with games and videos. It quickly got annoying, so I tried to delete the movie file to get rid of the virus. It worked for a few hours until a notification appeared on a video. It was just jumbled text. It was as follows:

Puy'ereorffatraeselsiopnt. Ouylevifileikleyyobdveerbtuikelethm,aerdomoedotdie. Ielfsiointpelss. Jstuivegpu.

What does it mean?

I started to get progressingly sadder, as I was having withdraws from my shows.

I went to my computer and saw I had a message. It was a video, so I clicked on it.

How bad could it be?

It was an old video of a young girl with black hair in a dress, playing with a rope. She was smiling and having fun, when she suddenly frowned and the audio went out. As she sadly tied a noose, I thought why someone would send this to me. When she finished, she smiled, kicked the chair and fell, creating a loud snap when the rope caught her fall. The last 7 minutes is her smiling as her lifeless corpse dangles from the noose.

I discovered a faint voice as this happened. It was a girl, probably the one in the video, saying this:

Your efforts are pointless. You live your life, just like everyone else, but are doomed to die. Just give up.

I found out later that that's what the gibberish translated to.

I sat there, pondering on this statement, becoming depressed by it's truthfulness. No matter how successful you are, no matter how rich you are, you are doomed to die. Nobody will care. You're just another corpse to them.

A worthless, lifeless corpse.


A noose.