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You strap on a virtual reality helmet and step into a glass chamber. You are uploaded into an odd looking world, armed with only a laser pistol. You begin to walk through the pristine land. All of a sudden you feel alarmed, and hostile enemy forces begin to spawn all around you.

You ready your weapon. You fire one bolt into the artificial enemy trooper. Then another. Then more. You run for cover and gun down every enemy trooper. Five down. Eight. Eleven. Then you reach 'Level 2'.

Heavy troopers and tanks enclose your position. You have to try to run down the corridor, but are gunned down by an enemy trooper. Your helmet and screen go dark.  GAME OVER.

CNN WORLD NEWS - A student teacher opened fire at Harper Johnson Middle School today. The man could be noted yelling "New High Score" and donning strange headgear. The rampage went on for thirteen minutes before he was gunned down by a SWAT officer upon exiting the lunchroom. Police do not know the motive behind this. However, they believe he was under some heavy drugs. More at 8:00.

Credited to IIFinallyFamousII 

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