• ~LegendOfZelda~

    This has been bothering me! Is Jason, (The guy with the chainsaw and creepy mask), a creepypasta?! I mean, he's a murderer, with a chainsaw, so naturally, I thought he was a creepypasta.

    I remember, when I was in fourth grade and always heard about two people. Jeff and Jason. At the time, I had NO CLUE who the heck Jeff or Jason was. Then, somebody told me Jeff was a murderer and so was Jason.

    And of course I read the story on Jeff the killer, which was quite unfortunate. (If I ever meet anyone named Randy who has a group of rude friends with him, we're going to have some problems.)

    So. is Jason a creepypasta? If so, what about Bloody Mary? 

    Seriously! This has been bothering me!

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  • ~LegendOfZelda~

    Oh the horror!


    I have read so many creepypasta stories, that I have developed something I call.. FEAR.

    I mean, yeah, I already had fear, but twice as much fear.


      I mean hey, It's not my fault that I like horror stories..

                 And that I get scared because some of the creepypasta stories I've read...


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  • ~LegendOfZelda~

    What's your favorite Creepypasta story?

    I mean, mine is obvious.

    Too obvious.

    (dun dun DUN!!!!)

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