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Halloween. What are you doing?

Zyranne October 20, 2013 User blog:Zyranne

So guys, Halloween is near. I'm curious as to what you lot are doing for it. For me, I might be going as BEN, although it seems unlikely now, since I have no money to buy the Link outfit xD But yeah, the original plan was for my friend to go as Jeff and my other friend to go as Slenderman. The Creepypasta trio.  

On that same week, I'm going to a halloween event at a theme park. It is full of horror movie themed mazes, complete with actors, who have the sole purpose of scaring the shit out of you. You are also able to go on the rides in the dark. I can't fucking wait. It's a sort of belated birthday thing. 

So tell me, what are you doing for Halloween? 

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