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is there really anything unrealistic about a killer going on a killing spree

.... I've been wondering, a lot of times when someone critiques about the creepypasta character by saying that they suddenly got fighting skills to go on a killing spree... it's only now made me wonder does anyone really need special skills to kill anyone I mean really... all you really need is brute force and a guilt free mind set right i mean police, security  gards sure but what about regular people... i can't get my head around the fact that people natrally think that you need training that you can probably only get from the military to go on a killing spree... its a little out of plase to say that a person go speacial fighting skills to kill.... although im pretty sure jeff the killer and clockwork are one of a few exceptions

zumokiworks335 22:27, September 26, 2016 (UTC)

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