dear, wiki's... ( that's what im calling you people know). i had recently posted a poem. well maybe not that recent like a day ago i guess. i thought it would be a simple thing to write, as i have been told that i'm good at it... and it seems you have some how made that impossible as well... by redefing what you think a poem actully is...

and so i think it's obviouse what needs to be done... i need to understand how to proof read. "check read your shit" he said "i recommand microsoft word " he said... true but to proof read reqires much more so IT says. theres spell check, capitalization, punctuation... and im sure some other stuff but i don't know what else is there to do after that... i need the practice and stuff. so IT doesn't remind me of what i've done wrong all over again with qoutes and "grammer error here and grammer error their."

so in writers workshop im going to post a small form of litature... and basiclly i'll keep trying to improve it assuming it corrects me  of any grammar errors because it is a grammar nazi, he can't resiste as it seems. in the end i hope this helps, and hopefully IT  will correct me less.

( when i say IT, i am refering to someone particular, but i won't say who)

( when i say HE im refering to the wiki as a person)

zumokiworks335 18:58, December 11, 2016 (UTC)