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my name... is curtis rhodes, i am a writer, not a flawless one but i am one, i like to focus more on the plot then any form of grammer, except maybe spelling, i may just make sure that every word in that story is spelled correctly, sometimes... im  17 and L.A.  and math are my worst subjects in school i belive. if you are younger or even less skilled in grammer and would like to try your hand at making a creepypasta, perhaps one revolving around a certain charature like the jeff the killer story... don't do it here... because apparently  you have to be a pro at writing to even have a story here, other wise the'll deleted, mostlikly before even reading it and giving it a chance... who knows this very post will probably get deleted as well you never know, in fact your pasta probably has a better chance on wattpad or deviant art then here... sorry that your listening to this im really just venting here, theres no doubt in my mind that the same guy's going to come by again, he'll probably ban me this time... oh well i guess it was a good run anyway... im making my own wiki anyway, although it is incomplete...

i remember the first creepypasta i tried to post here: K Y O K I, it was something that i had worked on for months, i think i even tried doing the spell check thing for once. they took it down in a heart beat, at first i thought that it was perhaps far too long but no it was literatlly incorrect, i must not have a good idea of what a spell check is, for them to do something like that...and even worst the story somehow made it's way to troll wiki, i was insulted, i tried to take it down from the troll wiki and somehow someone put it back up... anyway i can't write stories here anymore, so, i'll just make rants on pasta i don't like