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aka curtis rhodes ( katisu)

  • I live in unknown
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is ARTIST/WRITER
  • I am male
  • Zumokiworks335

    dear, wiki's... ( that's what im calling you people know). i had recently posted a poem. well maybe not that recent like a day ago i guess. i thought it would be a simple thing to write, as i have been told that i'm good at it... and it seems you have some how made that impossible as well... by redefing what you think a poem actully is...

    and so i think it's obviouse what needs to be done... i need to understand how to proof read. "check read your shit" he said "i recommand microsoft word " he said... true but to proof read reqires much more so IT says. theres spell check, capitalization, punctuation... and im sure some other stuff but i don't know what else is there to do after that... i need the practice and stuff. so IT doesn't remind me…

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  • Zumokiworks335

    .... I've been wondering, a lot of times when someone critiques about the creepypasta character by saying that they suddenly got fighting skills to go on a killing spree... it's only now made me wonder does anyone really need special skills to kill anyone I mean really... all you really need is brute force and a guilt free mind set right i mean police, security  gards sure but what about regular people... i can't get my head around the fact that people natrally think that you need training that you can probably only get from the military to go on a killing spree... its a little out of plase to say that a person go speacial fighting skills to kill.... although im pretty sure jeff the killer and clockwork are one of a few exceptions


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  • Zumokiworks335


    July 14, 2016 by Zumokiworks335

    SIGH... okay let's see... okay from all the comments, I can see that my writing is pretty bad, and right now I don't feel as though I have the time to just write something better just to prove better because one does not just get good overnight or some shit saying like that... I have at least like 7 stories I've been working on, in wattpad or whatever, not to mention there's some other stuff I want to do, or whatever. I'll have to retreat or whatever and then come back later or something, although I do like the media here, so, I guess I'll at the very least just do the blog thing as a check in or whatever. cause right now I have too much stuff I want to do. that includes fixing up my own wiki and whatever...  

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  • Zumokiworks335

    i remember the first creepypasta i tried to post here: K Y O K I, it was something that i had worked on for months, i think i even tried doing the spell check thing for once. they took it down in a heart beat, at first i thought that it was perhaps far too long but no it was literatlly incorrect, i must not have a good idea of what a spell check is, for them to do something like that...and even worst the story somehow made it's way to troll wiki, i was insulted, i tried to take it down from the troll wiki and somehow someone put it back up... anyway i can't write stories here anymore, so, i'll just make rants on pasta i don't like

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