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Yeah, it doesn't have much to do with creepypasta, but it's me ranting about Andrew Hussie's new approach to the series, which I have found to be the single most annoying thing. :P

So... I was takin' a homework break, readin' some Homestuck when I realized... Every troll is dead - Gamzee, Equius, Eridan, all of them, even Karkat. Jade is dead. Dave is dead. John is dead. Rose is dying. And a couple characters who's names I never caught are, guess what, DEAD. All of this in barely 2 months worth of updates (which I missed due to school sh*t). What a revelation.

So now I hate Homestuck. With a burning passion.

This is why the "Kill Em All" tactic only works at the end of a series, and even then only for drama or for a tear-jerker. You don't kill off all the characters who drew the fans to the series in the first place, and then replace them with cheap-@ss, gender-flip knockoffs, who were recently ALSO KILLED. At this point, we don't even know if the trolls, the most interesting characters in the entire series, are coming back AT ALL. I hate it. I'm surprised anyone can even bear to read this motherf*cking, no good, lame-@ss MADNESS that Andrew MOTHERF*CKING Huss has created. He's became a sad excuse for a storyteller. ALL of the deaths could have been avoided.

Here's what I was thinking while I was reading through the troll's deaths:

"Okay, so Feferi deserved it for how she treated Eridan, I geuss... Kanaya and Sollux were wrong place wrong time... Wait, Tav? Well, it is in Vriska's character... Wait a minute... Gamzee? What is he- HOLY MOTHER OF-... EQUIUS! NEPETA! GAH! *sobs in a corne for several hours before returning* Sniff, sniff... I..It's for the plot... It's for the plot... Wait a minute what's going on- Did Kanaya just come back as a vampire and cut Eridan in half? Vriska just got stabbed? Sollux? Terezi and Karkitty to? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!!?"

I was not pleased. I was not pleased one bit.

I imagine this as being Andrew Huss' thought process:

"Hmm, I don't wanna do this, but I guess I could kill them for the plot... ... Heehee, that was fun... LET'S KILL EM ALL!!! ... Oh SKFHSGHIUFGHEKJFGBERGH... What am I gonna do now...? Ooh, I know! Let's make cheap knockoffs of the mains and- Oh crap they're dead too..."


Moral of story: Don't kill off all the characters until it's absolutely, completely, and utterly necessary.

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