Homework. Blah. I hate homework. Actually, I hate anything having to do with school. I mean, not only am I a shut-in, I also consider myself to be mildly Agoraphobic. And yet EVERYDAY I'm forced to go out as my socially-awkward self, putting myself in situations that bring on my very, very, mild but-they're-still Panic Attacks (seriously, I haven't had a full blown panic attack for about a year now). And I hate the way my mom insists on me being in all "gifted" classes to protect my from the evil, horrible, no-good general population. *rolls eyes*

Worst part? If I don't get good grades, I'm getting my school switched so I can't even be with my friends. Yeah, like THAT'S gonna encourage me.

Gog... I'm just gonna get it over with and be GLAD when I don't have to do it anymore.