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  • Zitikiller

    A friendly PSA

    January 25, 2015 by Zitikiller

    I want to stress that Mother Hysteria is true. All I have done is turned a very real disease into a being so that you who read may identify with it. Hysteria is an old-fashioned term for a mental disorder which is more commonly called hysterical neurosis, conversion disorder, or functional neurological symptom disorder (There's probably one more name that I've studied but I can't remember it at the moment). The term hysteria was put out of use by Sigmund Freud once he began studying the validity of the disease. As a person who suffers from FNSD in real life, I'm begging you. DO NOT CALL FNSD SUFFERERS HYSTERICS. "Hysteric", "hysteria" and "hysterical" are rather offensive slurs to those who suffer from the disease. I chose to use the word …

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  • Zitikiller

    Welp, I'm new here.

    October 17, 2014 by Zitikiller

    I've never had a blog before. The rules here are stricter than I had thought they would be, which is okay. Anyways, I guess I'm supposed to introduce myself? I'm a senior in high school, and searching for colleges is scarier than anything I've found on this site (though some of you have given college applications a run for their money. I'm looking at you, Dead Bart). Tomorrow I'm going to the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater for a band competition and I may end up eventually writing a pasta about Whitewater (it's a creepy place. Look it up; it's been referred to as the second Salem). I swear I'm actually working on a pasta right now; I'm not just here to read and comment. *puts up double peace sign hands* I am not a troll! Anyway yeah…

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