I was at Gamestop and I found my favorite game Viewtiful Joe 2. I asked the store clerk how much it was, and he said to take it for free.I asked him if he was kidding and he said "No just take it." he registered it and mumbled something it looked like he said so long you demon. I thought i just heard wrong and walked off with my new game. I put it into my Wii (since i didn't have a Gamecube) and started playing. My girlfriend Amy came over and we played co-op. The game started normal it said Viewtiful Joe 2 but then things started getting weird. Amy brought her virtual reality helms (her family's filthy fucking rich) and we pluged them in. The enemies were weird though. They were normal, but the had blood on them. We thought it was a game glitch so we just killed them. Then we had an option thing come up asking head to the boss level? We decided he why not and accepted. But it wasn't the boss room, it was a blood red room with fire every where. Something came on screen then the game froze. we took our reality helms off and decided to return the game. but when we went to Gamestop it was on fire, but this wasn't fire like when you burn wood, this was fire from Viewtiful Joe 2! Then we heard"VIEWTIFUL" and i noticed the voice it was Joe's voice!!! He came out of the fire with Silvia his girlfriend they were in there normal form but they had pure wight eyes! Then the said "HENSHIN" in a demonic voice. Then me and Amy said at the same time "WHO THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU!!!" all they said was "This is your fault" the came at us, and we dodged in time some how ans then they disappered. We went to my house with Amy scared to hell.When we got to my room a figure was there. He said "You will need these" in a nice calm voice. I knew i could trust him because he had lightning bolt in his hand and I knew what that meant. We put them on and noticed they were V-watch's. Then he said "Good luck" and left in a flash of light. We knew who we met and were happy about it, then we decided to burn the Viewtiful Joe 2 disc and box.Never forgetting what happened, we used the V-watch's wisely and trained to mach sure we were ready next time we meet them!