• Zion Etnad

    I was at Gamestop and I found my favorite game Viewtiful Joe 2. I asked the store clerk how much it was, and he said to take it for free.I asked him if he was kidding and he said "No just take it." he registered it and mumbled something it looked like he said so long you demon. I thought i just heard wrong and walked off with my new game. I put it into my Wii (since i didn't have a Gamecube) and started playing. My girlfriend Amy came over and we played co-op. The game started normal it said Viewtiful Joe 2 but then things started getting weird. Amy brought her virtual reality helms (her family's filthy fucking rich) and we pluged them in. The enemies were weird though. They were normal, but the had blood on them. We thought it was a game gl…

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