Dear people who is reading this,

Hello there, My name's Danii but you can call me Zim if you would like. I am a young writter and I have a fashiantion with creepy pasta stories so what do you do? Write one your self! I'm the writter of a tale called Lukas, It's about a young sixteen year old boy who whitnesses his mother commiting suicide over finacal problem while drunk and not in our mind set when he was 9 years old. Lukas has to go into a foster home for many years until being adopted by a nice couple name the Burk's. After two years (Lukas being 14) was taken by the man who calls himself Lukas's father. Mich Frothy: Lukas "Father" Is abusive and hates Lukas also is a drunk (-.-) Anyway, Lukas has mental problems that mostly developed after his mother. Josh (Lukas's only friend) Ditches him and causes Lukas to lose his sanity. After being stalked by the famous creepypasta Slenderman and the Proxies Lukas kills Mich and Josh along with Josh's family and everyone else who bullied Lukas. Becoming a Proxy. 

I just recently finished it and is up in the Forum and you can read it and also give me tips c:

So yup