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    Mother Hobbord

    April 4, 2014 by ZimHasInvaded

    Dear people who is reading this,

    Hello there, My name's Danii but you can call me Zim if you would like. I am a young writter and I have a fashiantion with creepy pasta stories so what do you do? Write one your self! I'm the writter of a tale called Lukas, It's about a young sixteen year old boy who whitnesses his mother commiting suicide over finacal problem while drunk and not in our mind set when he was 9 years old. Lukas has to go into a foster home for many years until being adopted by a nice couple name the Burk's. After two years (Lukas being 14) was taken by the man who calls himself Lukas's father. Mich Frothy: Lukas "Father" Is abusive and hates Lukas also is a drunk (-.-) Anyway, Lukas has mental problems that mostly developed af…

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